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Warranty statement and maintenance requirements for


Ecosurface offer a 5 year warranty on the integrity of the installed surface as follows:


  • It will maintain its integrity for use as a safety surface, pathway or leisure surface for at least five years from the date of installation. Light shedding of dislodged rubber shreds is expected. Mechanical or deliberate damage is not covered. Claims arising from post install ground movement cannot be covered.


  • There shall be no problems caused by organic growth through the mulch surface. Surface growth is not covered.


  • The pigment will remain sealed onto the rubber shreds and will not wear off. As with any and all surfaces, there may be a build-up of surface grime or atmospheric contamination which is beyond any installer’s control.


  • Ecosurface use UV stable pigments and have oven tested the finished product so that we have industry leading colours available. However colour will always remain subjective so changes in colour tone are not considered under warranty claims. 


  • There are no formal maintenance requirements or routine procedures needed to maintain the integrity of the surface or for the warranty to remain valid. Any cleaning of the surface or removal of growth etc. is purely at the discretion of the user for aesthetic reasons only, and only a light brush and water should be used.


  • In the unlikely event that repairs are needed; Ecosurface liability is limited to re-establishing the integrity of the surface as fit for purpose only. We cannot accept complaints based purely on aesthetics nor can we consider claims for consequential loss.


(Note: The term GUMMIBOND® and this warranty only applies when the complete system of recycled rubber mulch, polyurethane binder and proven installation method are supplied by Ecosurface. It cannot be applied where Ecosurface is used as a material supplier only. We cannot under any conditions provide a warranty where 3rd party installers are used).


Ecobond is exactly the same material as we use for our warrantied Gummibond installs so we can be 100% certain that the shred type and size, the colouring process, and the binder are all designed to work together every time. However Ecosurface will not warranty the installed surface. When self-installing or giving the order directly to an installer then in the case of query our role would be to support them.

We have a great reputation for supporting installers when they have problems with an installation and it should be clear that we want every installation to succeed, but it is not possible for the workmanship on site on the day to be our responsibility. If you are using an installer who is familiar and confident with our system, they should be able to give you a written warranty stating exactly the same wording as we use. But it will clearly be their warranty – not ours.

We will happily give you the details of some installers who are taking direct orders and using our material every day and give their clients the same 5 year warranty conditions in their own name.

Alternatively, you may give Ecosurface the order for the installation. Then we will organise the site conditions, and we will select the installer that is used; then it will be called the Gummibond system and comes with our name on the warranty.

Note to installers: if you would like us to consider you for installations on our behalf then please feel free to contact us.

Just Mulch

Just Mulch material is produced to match or better the industry standards and consequently has a preferential lower unit price. Due to the possible variables in this type of material and accepting that the choice of binder used will have a huge impact on its durability, safety and daily installation variables that may be encountered it is not possible to provide any warranty or consultation on its use. We therefore suggest that its use should be limited to casual applications that do not have specific technical demands.