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Golf course systems

The Ecosurface Hybrid mulch has the lowest material costs and is made available for self install.
This is a recycled rubber mulch system specifically developed from the demands of the golf industry.
Ideal uses include buggy runs and bunker linings and in both cases they can be self-installed in small batches, without the need for heavy machinery or the need to close the course.
It is a consistent mixture of rubber types, recycled from both industrial solid rubber and passenger tyres.
The package comes with the required binder which has been specifically formulated and tested for these uses.
This combination will give greatly extended buggy run and bunker use between maintenance programs, lasting multiple times longer than other systems.
References available. Please contact us to arrange discussions with our in-house dedicated golf applications director.

Looking for playground rubber mulch?
Please note that this type of material, which includes passenger tyre granulate is only suitable as a ground covering or in construction and should never be used as a playground surface.
If you require playground grade quality, with the required safety data you should always ensure it contains no granulate. Our Ecobond system is designed for use in playgrounds.