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Ecosurface Pro Base Pad™ – playground shock pads

Product description

Ecosurface Pro Base Pad™ is a 100% pure polypropylene, interlocking, shock absorbing pad that is designed to work as a base layer underneath the Ecosurface bonded mulch system. Working directly with the manufacturer Ecosurface have exclusive distribution arrangements in place and can despatch direct from the ISO-certified facility in Holland, or our UK distribution centre.

The life expectancy of the Pro Base Pads™ is over 25 years, and will not decay or degrade over time and is resistant to bacteria, fungi and chemicals. It is 100% lead free, 100% non toxic and in the future is expected to be reused or can be 100% closed-loop recyclable.

The pads are engineered and designed specifically for playground safety, which are individually quality controlled to ensure consistent performance and predictable safety and precise fit regardless of temperature, or age.

Each pad has a series of Impact-absorbing pistons on the bottom, which also offer excellent vertical and lateral drainage capability.

When to use

Note that our mulch system does not need to be used with the pad base – the pad is only for exceptional circumstances.

The established Ecobond™ rubber mulch system is designed to be used directly over natural grass or soil without the need for any foundations or base layers, and is tested under EN1177 procedures to meet most critical fall height requirements.

However, there may be occasions when the rubber mulch must be laid directly over a solid base – such as concrete. Then the addition of the Pro Base Pad™, as a shock layer underneath your chosen top surface, will give improved fall height protection.

Certificates to EN1177 standard are available on request.

Best choice

Compared to other base layer options, the Pro Base Pad™ allows for cheaper, quicker installation with less damage to the natural environment and at no time has any landfill costs or environmental consequences.

How to use Ecosurface Pro Base Pad™ shock system

For clarity, we only use shockpads in very rare circumstances as our rubber mulch system is usually laid without any base layer or groundworks. However, if needed:

Pro Base Pads™ install directly onto the ground with no additional ground excavation, and when used with the Ecosurface bonded rubber mulch require no edging materials or defined borders.

The pads do not need to be secured to a solid floor; the pads will simply interlock without the need for glues or tapes and they have been engineered as a dimensionally stable system that can be installed in virtually any climatic condition, and they include a unique interlocking arrangement that allows for thermal movement even once installed.

Cutting shapes or around posts is easily done with a simple sharp knife so it will add very little time to create the ground cover which is immediately available for the top covering of Ecosurface rubber mulch.

*Please note we can normally only deliver these in full pallet loads – see details on our Ordering, packaging and delivery page