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Pricing policy

When trying to establish the lowest price, then be aware that using a unit bag price is not a reliable way to compare prices. This is because the coverage rates will vary depending on the size and shape of the shred and the amount of chippings added: Our Ecobond™ material has a cubic capacity in excess of 3 cubic metres per ton whereas chippings only have a cubic capacity of approx. 2 cubic metres – so you would have to use a 3rd more material. A similar situation with the binder; whilst we only work between 18-20%; with some other options you may end up using 25-30%.

You may also consider the depth of rubber required as our Ecobond™ system is normally laid at 40mm; but to achieve the same performance, competitors may need to install at 80mm or more, which if built above ground could interfere with the function or safety of play equipment and / or raise extra costs and safety issues associated with erecting raised borders. Alternatively digging it down into the ground would incur extra costs for labour and waste disposal so please therefore consider the complete project cost and not just the material unit price.

Site visits

It is extremely rare for us to require a site visit prior to the works going ahead. Our installation teams are experienced enough to encounter the many different daily variables in a wide variety of applications. So it is more usual for our office support teams to debate the necessary details we need with you in order to agree a cost that covers our expectations. We will then allocate the best installation team suited to your scenario.

Retail pricing policy

  • We do not publish a single retail price, please call to discuss your requirements so we can offer you the best value based on the many possible variables of your specific project.

Trade pricing policy

We have a wide range of preferential trade pricing policies which can be applied to a variety of business models such as:

  • Playground companies
  • Construction companies, house builders, architects & specifiers
  • Retailers and resellers
  • Schools, councils and local authorities
  • Commercial landscapers
  • Surfacing contractors

Sorry, but it is not possible to answer emails that simply ask ‘how much is it?’ We will always want to speak in person to gain a full understanding of the project before recommending the best solution.

For trade partners with ongoing demands; whilst we are happy to quote as individual jobs, our usual pattern is to have a full meeting to understand the likely profile of your site works, then match these with commitments and guarantees from us, which may be individual quotes, a price matrix, volume rebates, or uniquely, include a fixed price to cover any size site in any geographical location.