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Green credentials

Important note:
Ecosurface has unique processes so the material and installation are unlike any other ‘similar system’ so these quotes can only apply exclusively to the Ecosurface brand.

This information is relevant for Ecosurface shredded mulch systems only, as there are many more details when compared to other types of rubber surfaces such as wetpour (as it uses virgin EPDM rubber and requires more formal site works); or artificial grass and mats (that may use plastic).

We provide a second life for the problematic, used, solid rubber tyres that would otherwise go to landfill (We do not use car tyres as there are many uses for these, and these are cheap to process so they are not a recycling problem).
Once received, nothing we handle will go to waste streams.
ISO 90001 quality management systems.
ISO 14001 environmental management system.
ISO 50001 energy efficiency.
On site 2.5-megawatt solar panels producing 60-70% of our own energy.
International Green Energy Certification.
Commitment to IATF 16949 zero carbon footprint.
Geographically central plant to minimise freight.
100% solvent free binder, with a non-hazardous classification.
European REACH compliant.
Compliance with the European Green Deal requirements.
Better loading; fewer truck journeys.
100% recycled bags.
Better coverage rates so less material is shipped.
No requirement for heavy machinery on site.
No formal groundworks or excavations needed.
No requirement for additional quarried materials.
No need for raised edging
Overlays onto all types of existing surfaces (Saving the need to remove and dispose of whatever is already in place).
Suitable for use in sensitive ground areas (such as around trees and waterways).
Porous surface (so does not interfere with water tables).
Toy safety certified.
Certified for PAH (carcinogenic contact).

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