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About us

We are 100% UK owned but with a multi-million pound, International business model; who work with many different technical and safety specifications in many different countries.

Prior to setting up Ecosurface, the owners had previous experience in the industry that highlighted that much of the rubber mulch around at that time was failing to perform. This was the result of materials being derived from waste streams; produced by waste companies that had no interest in its end use; and the installers had no way of controlling the spec of the materials they were being given. So Chris Moore & Nigel Walton saw there was room in the industry for a professional grade material; and therefore moved the focus away from finding a way to sell waste material, instead focussing on the requirements of the surface once it was installed and the jobs and functions it should perform. So working backwards from the installed surface; a supply chain was developed that would specifically create material for this purpose, so although it is still a recycled product with all of its environmental claims Ecosurface now specifically manufacture our range of products for this use; and to date we are still the only people in this industry with this approach. That’s why, although you may not know our company name you will find that we install our material for specifiers in schools, councils and others where safety and performance must be consistent; in addition to being the material suppliers to many different professional installation companies who rely on their reputation for their continued business.

Note that clients often take confidence in the knowledge that this is the only type of surfacing we work with and that we are responsible for 10’s of 1000’s of square meters every year and with our name on the warranty we must be getting it right!